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About Us:


Paul Preston:

Paul has over seven years of professional production experience as a producer, director and editor.  He has worked as a full-time editor at the E! Style Network and created the original, award-winning documentary short “Superheroes: We Work for Tips”.  He has worked as editor on numerous pilots, music videos, demo reels, TV promos and wedding and special event videos.  Paul has done freelance work with  Joke Productions, Johnson & Murphy Productions and more.  With Digital Mind, Paul wrote and directed three more award-winning shorts, “Sweetener”, “Help Yourself” and “The Importance of Being Oliver”, and he wrote, produced and directed an original commercial for The Village at Sherman Oaks that aired on TimeWarner; plus he has helped create original pilot pitches currently under consideration at networks.  He has cut numerous demo reels for actors, TV hosts and stand-up comics.  Paul has also cut over a hundred promotional videos for Universal Studios Hollywood and The Grove L.A.  For more information about cameras, editing and video production, please visit your local library.

Randy Bosh:

Randy has been working as a professional EPK (Electronic Press Kit) videographer, photographer, and editor for the last three years.  He has worked on over eighteen feature films, including "The Aviator", "The Chronicles of Riddick", "Terminator 3" and "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", with media released in DVD special features.  Randy has also worked with New Deal Studios in the design, editing, DVD authoring, and presentation of their Studios' demo reel as well as a presentation video for the Visual Effects Society (V.E.S).  In the last year Randy has joined up with Universal Studios to cover press worthy events on Universal Citywalk for promotional purposes.

Karen Volpe:

Karen has five years of professional production experience as a producer, director and writer.  She has worked full-time behind the scenes on “Project Greenlight”, “Tough Enough 2” and various projects with LMNO Productions.  She has worked as a writer for the award-winning documentary short “Superheroes: We Work for Tips” and a a writer/director/producer for the pilot “All Access Pass”.  Karen has also served as writer on many other pilots including “The Movie Guys”, “Quickest Way to the Heart” and “Cooking With Beer”.  WIth Digital Mind, Karen has written original scripts for the Child Actor Recognition Event, a shooting script for The Idea Generation promo video and more. 


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