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Audio/Visual & Creative Services




Digital Mind provides professional Video Deposition services with:
- Professional gear, including the Panasonic DVX 100A digital camera, monitor and backup gear providing secondary video and audio to make sure your one opportunity for the deposition is fully backed up.

- We compliment the law firm or lawyer we’re working with.  We don’t force our “cinematic eye” on your process.  Instead, we bring an expert businesslike attitude to your choices for the video, from camera placement to closing the record.
- We are a full-service editing facility for all of your needs when cutting or altering your depositions according to court order.  We can also transcribe text to script and export your video in nearly any format.

CALL 213-820-1538 for E-mail digitalmindproductions@gmail.com for more information on how we can work with you.


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