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Audio/Visual & Creative Services




Digital Mind has produced award-winning short films from documentaries to music videos and can bring their expertise to your project of any size.

- We come with all the equipment you need and the ability to shoot in video or 24P mode, depending on your needs.  We bring a boom mic and pole, Panasonic DVX100 and reflectors and more.
- We have full editing Final Cut Pro facilities as well as motion graphic skills.
- Digital Mind Productions has directors to work on your project, or we can act as a crew to compliment your directors and producers.
- We can burn and duplicate your finished product to DVD or print it to tape.  Digital is the way of Indie filmmakers, why not work with the energetic, experienced crew at Digital Mind?

CALL 213-820-1538 or E-mail digitalmindproductions@gmail.com and find out how we can help make your creative vision a reality!


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